Sometimes Forgotten Seasonal Lawn Preparation Practices

Seasonal Lawn Preparation

How to Get Your Grass Ready for Spring:

Keeping a full and healthy lawn and garden is no easy task. Even during the coldest months when snow covers the ground, your grass is collecting and storing nutrients, ready to emerge again when the snow melts. Now that fall is upon us again, the grass in your yard will be growing more slowly, so for this year’s seasonal lawn preparation, you can trade your every-weekend lawn mowing for a sturdy pair of garden gloves. The following practices will ensure that you are correctly fortifying your lawn against the winter chill.

grass should be kept shorter in the fall to avoid fungal issues
-Watering: keep it up until the first or second frost
-Aerating: should be done in late September or October
-Overseeding: should be done directly after aerating
-Fertilizing: should be done about a month before first frost

Don’t Forget the Small Steps!

The steps above are well-known and established seasonal lawn preparation practices that will leave your yard looking its best come spring. However, don’t forget to also take care of the steps below. These sometimes forgotten seasonal lawn preparation practices are just as important in maintaining your perfect landscape.

-Pest Control:
unnoticed grubs will work their destruction underground throughout the colder months
-Thatch Control: you should annually rid your lawn of the pesky natural barrier that prevents your plants and grass from getting the nutrition they need.
-Recycle: cut grass clippings and fallen leaves can be mulched into fertilizer or compost
-Clean Your Tools: After a long year of lawn maintenance, cleaning the dirt, grass, and grime from your garden tools and lawn mower will prevent them from rusting.

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