Screen Porch Raleigh

Adding a screen porch to your Raleigh home can be a big improvement in more ways than one. Even those who have always wanted a porch are sometimes surprised by how often they actually make use of the addition. There are a variety of indoor-outdoor expansions, from decks and patios to sunrooms, but the screened-in porch has a special place in the hearts of its biggest fans. It’s the ultimate gathering place. It protects from the elements, allows both natural light and breezes to filter through, and provides the perfect dwelling in which to enjoy the outdoors at a controlled distance.

A screened porch is great for seasonal dining and entertaining, or relaxing and enjoying the view. Even secondary advantages are of much value. You could store things in or maybe under the porch. If it’s situated at your main entrance to the house, it’ll provide shelter closer to the driveway (making unloading the groceries a little easier to do in the rain). You’ll never know all the ways in which you’ll use your screen porch until you have it, so take a step toward your new lifestyle today.

Outdoor Pros can be involved in as much or as little of the design and decoration part as you prefer. If you have a plan that works, we’ll take it and run; if you could not care less and just want something that looks nice, we’ll create your new favorite place of the house. Maybe you desire privacy so we’ll incorporate certain elements, like tall plants, to produce an environment of seclusion. On the other hand, floor-to-ceiling screened openings bring about a more approachable atmosphere. If using natural woods and earthy tones for the porch itself, we may want to decorate lightly. Porches with more modern looks do well with a splash of color. Ultimately, there are a million and one ways to finish a porch. We won’t steer you wrong. Start imagining your oasis and Outdoor Pros of Raleigh will transform it into a screen porch.