Lawn Service in Wake Forest NC

For almost thirty years, Outdoors Pros has provided exceptional landscaping and lawn service to the Wake Forest NC and surrounding areas.

We’ve partnered with reputable nurseries and suppliers to ensure that we only use the highest quality materials on our jobs. And because we’re dedicated to protecting and enhancing our environment, we use responsible conservation techniques whenever possible. Our team is trained on the latest green technologies and are skilled at recycling leftover materials.

Residential Lawn Service Wake Forest NC & Raleigh NC

The landscaping and lawn service Wake Forest NC & Raleigh NC specialties we offer cover the full range of lawn care services, from initial installation to after care and routine maintenance. At the beginning of the process, we sit down with you and work out a plan tailored to your specific goals, preferences and budget. After we break ground, we follow a professionally managed timeline to produce superior results in a timely manner.

Once the installation phase is complete, we offer comprehensive services in lawn services to our Wake Forest NC and Raleigh NC customers. Our full-service maintenance services include pruning, fertilizing, snow removal, mowing, mulching and weed control. We even assist in the health and growth of annual and perennial flower beds and with special event preparation.

Commercial Lawn Service

In addition to our residential clients, we are also equipped to handle all sizes and types of commercial landscaping needs. We work with site and property managers to recommend appropriate foliage and keep your business looking great. But we are also skilled in other necessary maintenance services, like mowing, snow removal and drainage to concrete.

No matter what your lawn service and landscaping needs are, trust the professionals at Outdoor Pros. Our team of knowledgeable technicians are committed to maintaining healthy and pest-free landscaping while simultaneously being good stewards of our natural resources. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals.