Fall Projects: Lawn Aeration Methods

Is Your Lawn Ready for Fall?

Autumn is right around the corner, which means that the team at Outdoor Pros NC have already pulled out our lawn tools to help get your yard ready for winter. During the spring, we know that you spend your yard time pruning and planting. The hot summer passes too quickly and on some days you are better off enjoying your yard from the comfort of your air conditioned living room.

One step you will definitely want to take come the time that the leaves start changing is lawn aeration. Lawn aeration pushes holes into your lawn, releasing the compact dirt that has built up over the summer. Lawn aeration creates an effective means of distributing the nutrients from your fall fertilizing process to your yard’s roots.

There are a few different methods of lawn aeration. Below are a few of the more common ones available to you.

The Do-It-Yourself Method

This method involves walking around your yard and stabbing the ground repeatedly with a pitchfork. Stab in a downward motion and wiggle the pitchfork while the prongs are in the ground to gain easier access to grass roots and better disturb the dirt. If you choose this method, we advise you to stay hydrated!

The Rent-It-Yourself Method
If you know how to use one, you can rent a lawn core aerator and use the machine on your grass yourself. Lawn core aerators take some of the time out of manual lawn aeration, but can sometimes be difficult to use on sloping or shaped lawns.

The Outdoor Pros Method
Contact Outdoor Pros NC today for your lawn aeration and maintenance services! We provide quality service, peace of mind, and noticeable results come spring. Relax inside and let us take care of your fall lawn aeration.

For more information of lawn aeration or any of our other lawn maintenance services, contact the team at Outdoor Pros today!