Begin Your Fall Lawn Preparation Today!

Fall Lawn Preparation Projects

Come spring, you’ll want your lawn and garden to be overflowing with life and color. But that spectacular spring show comes from year-round attention- especially fall lawn preparation for winter.

As the Days Get Shorter…

Your garden has been successful all through spring and summer. You have pulled weeds, mowed the grass a dozen times, mulched and fertilized until your neck was sunburnt and your back sore. Keeping your lawn and garden professionally maintained can sometimes feel like a chore, but the results when the seasons change are well worth the effort. Below are a few simple methods of fall lawn preparation for the approaching winter months.

Mowing Your Grass: Throughout the fall, your grass may grow more slowly, but it is important to keep your grass mowed shorted than 2/12 inches throughout the fall. Winter diseases such as snow mold commonly affect longer grasses.

Raking/Mulching Leaves: This removes excess debris and helps maintain both water quality and the aesthetics of your yard. An excess buildup of leaves prevent growth by blocking the sunlight.

Watering Your Lawn: This is still important even with colder temperatures looming ahead. Your grass will need the water as fuel to help store food for the winter.

Seeding/Sodding Your Lawn
: Fall is the best time to seed your lawn for a lush garden come spring. See more information on seeding here.

Fertilizing Your Lawn: A last round of fertilizer applied before the first frost will ensure that your grass absorbs and stores the nutrients that it needs for spring.

The landscaping team at Outdoor Pros NC will gladly provide both assistance and advice for your fall lawn preparation. We offer seasonal maintenance to keep your lawn and garden looking its best year-round. You can click here to view our list of services, or browse our website for more fall lawn preparation tips and projects.